Today, we kick off a new series: Build Your Yoga Business.  This first part focuses on nurturing the vibe & increasing the chemistry within your yoga studio.

Ideas to Nurture Your Yoga Studio’s Vibe

  • Aromatherapy.
  • Art that feels authentic to your studio—perhaps this is a rotating display of a student or local artist’s work.
  • Chalkboard with event postings.
  • Notices of upcoming class changes or additions.
  • Bulletin board with community flyers, business cards, etc. (this creates a community feel).
  • Have studio lighting set low before class starts.
  • Let students know that there is a lounge area where they can hang out and chat!
  • Host fun events, such as anniversary events, yoga challenges, and giveaways.
    • Note that events and giveaways have a particularly great draw!  Have MANY giveaways, not just a few; perhaps hold them in tandem with a yoga challenge.
    • Promote the challenges and giveaways in your promotional materials. Show how participants have a good chance of winning something.
    • Go to local businesses and ask for donations. This also creates relationships with other businesses, you promote them and you have no costs—nurture both your vibe and theirs. Gift certificates from a spa, nail salon, or individuals such as massage therapists, reflexologists, aestheticians, hair stylists, etc. are a huge perk.  Also consider soap stores, tea companies, candy companies, small grocers—any small business that you think might want to get exposure.

How to: Increase the Chemistry Within Your Studio

  • Email out monthly etiquette tip—for example, “Please keep phones off for your fellow yogis.”
  • Let new customers know what to expect when they first come (perhaps this is an automatic email that follows their first class sign-up).
  • Have a sign in the doorway—i.e. “please remain silent in the studio room.”
  • Post a sign at the front of the studio asking students to remove shoes.
  • Prioritize increasing chemistry among your instructors and other staff members:
    • Host a spontaneous dinner or staff party.
    • As the owner, make a point of connecting with each staff member regularly (perhaps attend their class once a month, if they are a teacher).
    • Be very picky when hiring instructors, as teachers need to align with the studio’s mission and vision. You as a studio owner should continually express the vision of the studio to the teachers.
    • Remember that the more you create strong relationships and increase chemistry with your instructors, the better they will be able to represent your studio.

Do you have any tried-and-true techniques for vibe enhancement or chemistry-building within your yoga studio?  Let us know in the comments!