Today, we cover community-oriented yoga business building!  If you missed our first article in this series—Chemistry & Vibe—check it out here!

Connect with your community in fun, purposeful ways!

Community-Building Business Tactics

  • Cold call a few businesses each week, see what connections you can make; perhaps you can run a tandem promotion with another local business.
  • Look into events such as health & wellness fairs.
    • Set up a table at these events with membership discounts & a fishbowl raffle sign-up sheet. Put 6-8 prizes on the table so participants can see what they might win—jewelry, yoga packages, etc.
    • Offer other brochures on benefits of different yoga modalities.
    • Put up a fun background behind your table/booth and encourage people to take a picture for Instagram and tag it with your studio’s name (perhaps offer a prize for this, such as a free t-shirt).
  • Host a yoga in the park event!
  • Team up with a local humane society to host a yoga and adoption event, either at your studio, or in an outdoor space.

Put a Booth at a Local Running Race in Your Community

  • Host a warm-up or cool down after a race.
  • Be a sponsor, place your studio’s name on a bib and poster.
  • Provide coupons for free class in runners’ race bags.
  • Have a table or booth at the event with signage and schedule.
  • Pay your instructor as you would a regular class, so they are encouraged to participate.
  • Choose a race that night coincide with yoga and wellness—suicide awareness, mental wellness, etc.
  • Can have a jar for donations during/after class.

Connecting with Larger Local Companies: Corporate Yoga

  • Market to local businesses’ Wellness Programs.  Approach their HR department. Ask if you can hang your brochure in their wellness area for employees to receive a discount.
  • Have HR send out a letter that states they have a program with your studio. Offer a discount percentage, or whatever other program you want to offer. Students must show their company badge to receive a discount when they pay for their yoga class.
  • Target 8 company offices to walk into and talk about offering this benefit to their employees. Provide a letter that HR can distribute. Make it as easy as possible for HR to participate.
  • Offer to HR that your studio will hang their logo in the studio as a “Partner”.
  • Make sure you create a strategy to connect and promote with the HR department monthly or quarterly. Provide a letter to send around with new promotions or information. Be sure to keep up the contact once you are in, or your awareness will go dormant! HR has no incentive to promote you and take their time to do this. Find a way to motivate them.
  • Consider that this may be a good opportunity to propose on-site Yoga.

If you are having hard time getting in the door….

Do you know the industry you are trying to get into? Understand what their employees do all day, so you can tailor how yoga can fit in. Are they desk people, or factory workers? Connect with the employees’ needs.  Then, sell how your yoga studio will benefit the employee and company.  Consider offering an initial promotion, i.e., “Normally I do on-site for $120 per session, but I would like to offer $80 and get some feedback on how this works for you, first. Also, can the company get a tax break on providing this service?”

Studio owners, tell us, what community-oriented business building tactics have been successful for you?