It’s all about marketing in this post.  And…bingo!  The 3rd article in this series is designed to help you get creative with your yoga studio offerings, to help drive business at little to no cost.  If you missed our article last week on community-oriented business-building, don’t forget to check it out!

No Cost Marketing ideas

  • Host a theme-based workshop.  How can you stand out as a studio?
  • Have a chocolate meditation at the end of class.
    • Buy a really nice chocolate for each student.
    • Have students unwrap the chocolate slowly, listen to the sound of it unwrapping, feel it in their hands, and smell it.
    • Finally, have students place the chocolate in their mouths & feel how it softens, melts, and tastes.
  • Offer a free class for a 5 star Yelp review.
  • Schedule themed classes: glow yoga, rock ‘n’ roll yoga, yoga & wine, etc.
  • Have a heroes class for fire fighters/paramedics/officers/vets.
  • Host a 10 day Instagram challenge: perhaps 5 days on the yamas, 5 on niyamas.
    • Post a description of what each photo represents, or pick a pose that represents the yama/niyama.
    • Consider asking followers what the yama or niyama means to them, and ask them to post a pose to match.
  • Post videos on Youtube—consider short instructional videos or tidbits of yogic wisdom.  (Some inspiration: we love the insights that Derik from Denver Yoga Underground posts on his YouTube channel).
  • Post articles via ScoopIt/Issuu—become an authority to clientele.
  • Collaborate on a Podcast.
  • Host marketing events that help to build community in your yoga studio.Offer a free Back to Basics introductory yoga class—have it be open to the community.
  • Host an AMA (Ask Me Anything)—open to the public. Post on Google Hangouts, Reddit, or YouTube.
  • Email marketing campaigns; these provide information that students want. Become a resource.
  • Collaborate with others—guest yogis to do a special class/workshop, non-profits for events, like dogs and yoga in the park with a local shelter. Consider hosting a suicide awareness and prevention community event.

For the Slow Months…BINGO!

Have a bingo challenge during slow months.  This can help students try new things; some bingo points can be in-studio, some can be out of studio! Balance between daily things such as food choices, going to bed earlier, or turning off the phone at 8pm, with things they have to pay for and try at your studio.  Offer a big prize for the first person to black out the whole card.  Fill a basket with goodies donated by local businesses.  Make this big and grand!  Be creative with prizes.  Have students hang their BiNGO cards up at the studio for everyone to see!  Examples for the bingo card itself:

  • Drink 8 glasses of water.
  • Try a headstand or a handstand.
  • Try a restorative class, Yin class, or studio fitness class.
  • Get a massage.
  • Eat a vegetarian meal.
  • “Donate your mat and receive $10 off in studio store.” (Consider a list of things that students can donate, with corresponding $$ they receive in credit to studio.)

Can you think of anything to add to our list?  What has driven business for you, at little to no cost, and been fun in the process?  Let us hear from you!