Today, we focus on running in-studio events to build your yoga business.  Missed our last post in this series on marketing?  Check it out here!

Events: Make Connections

Consider pulling in outside professionals that align with your studio, such as personal trainers, healers, nutritionists, acupuncturists, or massage therapists.  This allows these professionals to drum up business as well.  You may also consider having a show for local artists, or a small concert for a local musician (think art or music on a Friday evening after classes, or present on a Saturday morning during the yoga hustle-and-bustle).  Trunk shows can also create a lot of positive buzz—consider having a vendor whose items you sell in-studio host a trunk show!

Yoga & hiking can be a fun combination!Yoga, then Host an Event

Host an event after a yoga class! Perhaps this event can coincide with a larger event in town, depending on the location of your studio.  Ask your instructors to tag and post about the event for you. Make this really easy for them to do—provide the image they need, and event details.  You can incentivize instructors by giving them a $5 or $10 gift card each month that they post 4 postings or 1x/week (a “Social Media Business Bonus”). Send reminders for events for them to re-post. You can use this incentive for constant marketing, and then boost for events.

Hope & Health Night

  • Host a “Hope & Health” night once a month!
  • Each month, feature a guest speaker centered around health and healing.
  • Can be free, or charge per person (consider donating a percentage to a cause that resonates with your community).
  • Consider having the presenter pay the studio to present, as a form of marketing (and as a studio, promote the presenter as much as possible).
  • Remember how closely health and wellness are aligned with yoga.
  • This facilitates community education, and helps promote the studio (as the presented will promote too, and this pulls in their customers to your studio).
  • You can send an email out to your crowd, as there are many experts in your customer base that have info to share! Encourage your community to share in the studio’s offerings.

Anniversary Celebration

To get people to attend, having giveaways is always a great draw.  Have MANY giveaways, not just a few. Promote the giveaways in your promotional materials. Show that attendees have a good chance of winning something. Go to local businesses and ask for donations—this creates relationships with other businesses, you promote them and you have no costs. Consider obtaining a gift certificate from a spa, nail salon, small businesses; or individuals such as massage therapists, reflexologists, aestheticians, hair stylists, etc. Think about soap stores, tea companies, candy companies, small grocers—any small business that you think might want to get exposure.  Of course having wine, cheese, food, etc. is also huge plus—this makes it a social event.

Are there any in-studio events that have been a big success for you?  Let us know in the comments!