With all the focus and energy that goes to the necessity of posting to social media, we sometimes forget about the use of email marketing. When looking at the costs of acquisition when promoting your yoga studio, email marketing is a fantastic strategy. Email is not only personal, but it can also be strategically scheduled, and is inexpensive. Social media is unpredictable due to changing algorithms, and requires your customers to look at their feeds at the right time. Only 30% of what you post gets shown on others’ feeds. Less than 10% of what you post is actually seen on others’ feeds. (For some social media ideas, check out our Instagram Strategies for Small Businesses series: part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4.)

Using email marketing allows you to create high quality content to showcase your yoga studio.  You can share your expertise with your community, becoming an authority in their yogic journeys.  You can engage your customers through this form of direct communication.  Customers at a studio can be transient.  You need to continually win over your customer base every day.  How can you do that?  By showing them your value every day.  When you show customers your value, they become fans of your studio.

Who do I send emails to?

The beauty of email marketing is that you tailor the emails based on who you are targeting.  So, different email campaigns will suit the newcomer, or the customer who hasn’t been in for a year.  There are four primary categories of people within your list of customers: (1) new customers, (2) opt-ins off of your website, (3) existing customers, and (4) customers who haven’t been in for quite some time.  Each of these groups will require a slightly different approach.  If you group everyone together and create one campaign for all, your efforts will be ineffective.  The great thing about email marketing is that it caters to your audience.

  • New customers: introduce them to the studio, make them aware of all that you have to offer, find ways for them to spread the word.
  • Opt-ins: they have not stepped through your door yet.  Find a way to entice them to come to the studio.
  • Existing customers: every day, they have a choice to come to you or go somewhere else.  Use the emails to show that you are valuable to their lives.
  • Lost customers: they have been through your doors and know where you are—they may have just gotten off track.  Use email marketing to encourage them to find their way back to you.

(For a more extensive explanation on building an email list for your yoga business, we like Shannon Crow’s insights in this video).

Experiment with brainstorming 4 campaign messages for each of the customer categories…what feels important for you to say in each circumstance?  Stay tuned, as next week we will cover different types of email campaigns, and delve further into messaging.