Today, in the third part of our email marketing series, we cover strategizing and timing for email marketing.  We even offer a couple of sample schedules that you can try out for your campaigns!  If you missed part 1 on email lists, or part 2 on types of emails, be sure to check those articles out!

Strategizing Content and Timing of Emails

Crafting the content of your emails, deciding on your subject line, and scheduling the delivery takes attention, strategizing, and practice with timing.  Consider what your customers find value in.  What group are you emailing to—new customers, regular customers?—they will need different messages.  Either way, you still want to provide valuable, useful information.  For example, articles that establish your expertise, information they can apply to their lives or their practice, schedules, etc.  Consider the “pain points” for your customer, such as addressing common questions

new yogis might have, or explaining proper etiquette and procedures when entering a yoga studio.  Take the unknown out for them.  Schedule daily emails for the first week of a new customer to encourage them to return.  However, an existing, loyal customer may only need emails that notify them of class changes, new teachers, special events, etc.

Keep email marketing simple and focus on timing to encourage customers to return to your business!

Sample Email Strategy for New Customer

  • Day 1: Welcome to the studio.
  • Day 2: About you, the owner, and info about different classes.
  • Day 3: Suggested classes for the student who is new to yoga, the athlete, or for stress reduction.
  • Day 4: Tips and recommendations to the new yoga student.
  • Day 5: Free class pass for a friend.
  • Day 6: Resource-oriented establishing experience.
  • Day 7: Upcoming events.
  • Day 14: Checking in.
  • Day 21: Helpful tip (general, yoga-oriented, health, recipes).
  • Day 28: Class suggestions.
  • Day 35: Helpful tip #2.
  • Day 42: Free class pass for a friend.
  • Day 49: Resource-oriented.
  • Day 56: Checking in.

After this point, your new customer will have established themselves in the habit of coming to your studio.  Now, you can rely on Blast emails.

As a part of your strategy, keeping the timing of your campaigns to under 90 days is wise.  There is a lot that can change in a studio and in life that might prompt you to change your messaging.  Keep it fresh and current.  Make sure you schedule time in your calendar to re-write campaigns every 90 days—this comes about faster than one thinks!

Sample Email Strategy for Opt-Ins

  • Day 1: Thank you for visiting the website, an introduction of yourself and your studio, free class pass.
  • Day 10: Interesting yoga-related article.
  • Day 20: Drive to website/blog.
  • Day 35: Testimonial of student.
  • Day 35: Helpful infographic of Yoga in America (Yoga Journal 2016 research).
  • Day 45:  Workshops and Events
  • Day 55: Yoga for Everybody article/email.
  • Day 60:  Free class pass.

Can you think of some emails to help capture a new student’s attention, and encourage them to come back to your studio?  Let us know your ideas for strategizing and timing your email campaigns in the comments!