Last week, we focused on finding great teachers for your yoga studio, transitioning classes between teachers, and developing better communication with teachers.  This week, we focus on cohesiveness of your yoga studio staff: getting teachers to attend one another’s classes, and getting teachers to attend studio meetings.

Getting Yoga Teachers to Attend One Another’s Classes

A way to increase the vibe and cohesiveness of the studio is for customers to see teachers attending other classes. It shows that those that work there want to be there during their time off. It also shows that teachers practice what they preach. How can we encourage our teachers to attend?

  1. This starts with the owners and managers. Owners and managers need to go to all the classes and rotate. If teachers see the owners and managers going, they will model. It is also another opportunity to casually engage your staff/teachers/customers. Attending classes gives you insight as to how the classes are feeling and the vibe of your customers.
  2. Back-to-back classes often encourage teachers to go to class before or after their own.
  3. Teachers post thank you’s directed at other teachers that attended their class on Social media. Tag the teachers and the Studio. This helps promote the studio–the more social media postings, the better. This also makes the studio look like a family, they can feel the love of the teachers for each other and the studio. (We love this Gaia article on teachers showing support for other teachers!)

Encouraging teachers to attend each other's classes creates more cohesiveness within your studio environment.

Encouraging Yoga Teachers to Attend Meetings

Due to the nature of the 1099 teacher, it is often hard to get them to attend staff meetings. Here are a few ideas as to how you can increase attendance:

  1. Make it enticing. Lunch, wine, or beer sets the stage that you want to make it fun. You realize it is a “meeting,” yet it will be fun. You can raffle off a few things. Make sure it is enough that people feel they have a chance of winning.
  2. Pay them for attending. This makes it clear that you value their time. Investing in your teacher’s attendance will make the running of the studio more effective. The content of the meeting is clearly important, thus invest in making sure they hear your message.
  3. Do not have too many meetings per year. It devalues the importance of the meetings. Save meetings for really important agendas.
  4. Make the meetings short, direct and to the point. State a timeframe. Show that you value their time and will not waste it!
  5. Let their opinions be valued. Convey that you as the business owner want to have this meeting to hear their opinions. You want their feedback.
    • “What do you as teachers see or hear that the client/customer wants?”
    • “We need your information, your opinion….”
    • Ask for their suggestions after they share the customer requests.
    • Ask teachers to share their additional expertise. Would they want to lead a workshop? Is there another aspect that can add dimension to your studio? We all are experts in various areas. If they feel valued for their knowledge, they will fell more invested in your studio.
    • Ask if a teacher wants to host a continuing education class for the other teachers. Teachers need CE, and then they don’t have to go outside the studio for it. This brings teachers together and the lead of the class likes feeling they are an expert.

Studio owners — do you have any suggestions as to how to create more cohesiveness within your yoga studio family?  Leave us a comment!