Frequently Asked Questions

There are many questions that come up as to whether this can be a good fit for your studio. Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about the 300 hr. program. But please don’t hesitate to contact us for further discussion.

Ashtangasana wants this to be YOUR program! We are giving you the framework, the roadmap through a 200 hour program. The minute you begin to teach the program, it is being conveyed via YOUR wisdom, experience, style. For example, your interpretation of the Yamas and Niyamas still come from your knowledge base and perspective.

You are free to adapt this program to your studio’s style. We encourage this!

As this is a Yoga Alliance approved curriculum, eliminating or changing parts of the Ashtangasana Program must be approved by Ashtangasana. We have worked very hard to respect and honor the requirements by YA to develop a comprehensive curriculum that meets their standards. Making changes can jeopardize the YA qualification. We just have to make sure if you want to change how Anatomy is conveyed, that you are changing apples with apples and not reducing content or hours of study. Increasing and enhancing, obviously is encouraged!

Two 8-hour days a week, for 16 weeks.

Yes. The program curriculum is designed as a 16 week program yet you can adapt this to suit your studio and community’s needs.

The existing structure is 16 weeks, two 8 hour classes per week.

You can make it a longer program by having one class a week.

It is a vinyasa style of training. The founder of the Ashtangasana program has been teaching since 1995 and has had the experience of taking classes with some of the great U.S. master teachers such as: Kathryn Budig, Ana Forest, Seane Corn, Baron Baptiste, Daren Friesen, Kino MacGregor, and many others. As much of American training is a blend of styles, this program is a reflection of this blending over 20 years of studies.

You will be able to integrate your style through out this program. Or you can choose to create specific modules for your studio’s style. As you teach the various modules and methods, your style will express itself naturally.

Absolutely! This is YOUR program. You are using a curriculum but YOU are teaching it! Your studio’s logos, name, brands need to be on your marketing materials. You may use Ashtangasana’s name for the program, or not. We only require that you leave the Manual covers on, as they are the title page and covers to the book.

Please check the Pricing page.

The only costs for future programs, after your first program, are the costs for the manuals ($250 each), plus shipping.

Ashtangasana wants this to be a successful program for you and your studio. We have created a structure, process and support that will allow for success yet if you do not feel this will benefit your studio we have a very nice refund policy!

If you decide not to do the program within 2 months of deposit, we refund everything, minus $250. You need to return all materials and then we can issue the refund.

The The Lead Teacher of the Program or Studio owner needs to be an E-RYT. You have to register as a school and then register the 300 hr. YTT program.

Ashtangasana will help you through this process.

Your Lead Teacher for your Training needs to be an E-RYT 500.

On the E-RYT page, you can select My Schools. You will create a School profile and link the curriculum to Ashtangasana. You need to create and provide a sample of the certificate you will grant your students. This does incur a fee from Yoga Alliance to register your school and program.

The Lead Teacher of the Program or Studio owner needs to be an E-RYT 500.

If you register your school with Yoga Alliance, and once they finish all requirements, you can grant them a certificate from YOUR school and they can be qualified to be registered.

Yes, the initial cost is for you to own the curriculum and program. Only future costs are for Student Manual sets ($250 each + shipping). Future trainings, you will need to order Student Sets for each student.