Program Benefits

Do you have of time to make your YTT exceptional? To shine above the other trainings?

I spent 6 months writing my first training. I then ran a YTT, edited and reworked the curriculum again. I ran the program one more time and finally got it to my final format. About a year later, decided it had to be prettier! I sent it off to a fantastic graphic designer who made it beautiful and professional. The Asana manual was completely redone 4 years ago complete with photographs of every pose. No stick figures here!

The Return on Investment (ROI) is very simple.

Yoga studio charges for teacher training programs are easily listed above $3000 for a 200hr course, per student. The Ashtangasana Yoga Teacher Training Curriculum Program at the first level program costs $3000, for the studio.

If your program charges $3000 per student, which includes the student and asana manuals.

Simple math shows a complete payback just after first student, committing to the very basic Jhana program. Every student, thereafter is complete profit! And every subsequent teacher training is profit, minus text book fee for each student.

Here is an example

4 Students at $3,000 for your Yoga Studio Training.

4 x $3,000 = $12,000 Gross Income

$3,000 Program Cost + $349 (1 Manual, As 3 are included) = $3,349

$12,000 – $3,349 = $8,651 Profit for your first class

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