What’s Included

This is a 16-week program, consisting of 2-8hr. days per week. Each studio can structure the 16-week program in a way that suits the studio’s schedule. Yoga Alliance 300 hr. RYS Approved.

  • Marketing Manual
  • Teacher Manual Set
  • 3 Student and Asana Manuals
  • USB of Supporting Material
  • Agendas & Homework
  • Application/Registration forms
  • Quizzes & Exams
  • Graduation Certificate

Optional: 242 Page 200 hr. Asana Manual. Studios can elect to order Asana Manuals for the training at the cost of $75/manual.

Provided for use during and following asana labs. This book will provide you with space to begin to note anatomy, chakras, and energetics of poses. The journal will serve as a tool for the instructors to note their feelings/observations in postures, aiding in their sharing and instruction of the poses to others.

Teacher Manual

Course Materials List

Course Requirements & Expectations


Pranayama Techniques

Yoga Terms

Agendas for Each Class

Homework Assignments for Each Class

Guided Meditations per Class

Sequencing Scripts per Class

Mantra Writing Exercise

Trataka Eye Gazing Exercise

Content of the lectures come from the Student Manual. Leader should build or supplement the content with their knowledge, background, experience & interest.

Student Manual

Content of lectures

Recap of 200hr. Concepts

The 8 Limbs, Sutras, Yoga Masters, Types of Yoga, Anatomy Movements, Bones & Muscle Review

Teaching of Poses, Categorization, Level, Focal Point, Objective, Sequencing, Cues, and Assisting

Yamas & Niyamas, Gunas, Kleshas, Koshas

Pranayama Techniques

Nadis, Bandhas, Vayus

Props, Advanced Sequencing, Yoga Class Styles, Advances Assists and Adjustments

Anatomy, Physiology and Kinesiology

Meditation, Effects on the Brain, Mantras, Malas, and Mudras


Being a Yoga teacher, Boundaries, Injury Management

Business of Yoga

Marketing Toolkit

Strategies to implement a successful marketing effort to promote your program

Templates as a model for marketing material

Program description info for handouts and promotion

8-week strategy calendar for marketing implementation

Application and Enrollment agreement for trainee sign-ups

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