I know the investment cost is always the first concern. I totally understand. I have been in your shoes! But if you could get an entire program completed, ready to launch, not having to spend 6-12 months of your limited “free-time” would that be worth it to you? Your time is valuable in terms of $$$s. What would happen if you could spend 250-500 hrs towards marketing your teacher training, instead of writing a curriculum? Can you imagine how many students you might have?

With your first student, you pay for the curriculum. The rest of your enrollment is profitable. With our unique payment structure, we take away the feeling of financial risk and get you excited for the profit side of running a YTT.

We give you the option of a 3-phase payment plan. The intention is for you to get started marketing with our supporting material. The deposit is refundable, if you don’t feel this will be a go. Otherwise, you should have collected enough deposits and 1 installment payments to cover the Teacher’s Set, second installment.

By the final payment, you should have collected at least half to ¾ of all your tuition monies. If you have 4 people, that would be roughly 4 X $4000 (tuition) = $16,000 income. Less 50% collected tuition = $8,000 at least collected by time you pay for program in full.


List Price: $4500

Payment in Full: $4000

3 Installment Payments:
$500, $2000, $2000
(Total: $4500)


List Price: $4500

Discount for studios who have 200-hr: $4000

Payment in Full: $3750

3 Installment Payments:
$500, $1750, $1750
(Total: $4000)

Purchase Both Curriculums

List Price: $7500

With the purchase of 200 & 300-hr together

Payment in Full: $6000

3 Installment Payments:

Refund Policy: 30 day from shipment of Marketing Manual — 100% refund. Must return materials. 90 day from shipment of Marketing Manual – 50% refund. Must return materials. All materials are copywritten. Copying of manuals or USB material is violation of copyright.