Yoga Workshops Centered Around Dharma + Example of a Meditation Workshop Mastering Yoga Workshop Structure: Dharma-Centered Teaching & Meditation Techniques. In workshops that focus on the teachings or dharma, be clear with what you really want to convey.  As the dharma presented will likely be a new concept for your students, you need to be clear with your message. Suggested […]
Structure of Yoga Studio Workshops Yoga Workshop Structure: Creating Engaging and Transformative Experiences: Every yoga studio wants to create an engaging and transformative experience in their workshops. This post will give you some ideas to set yourself up for success. Workshops are an essential part of the yoga studio. As yoga teachers, it’s important to convey lessons that will help […]
Discover effective strategies for promoting your yoga workshop inside and outside the studio. Learn how to convey the ‘why’ and guide your customers seamlessly. Last week, we discussed some initial starting points for launching a yoga workshop.  Today, we will go over promotion–inside and outside of the studio; as well as the core goal of a workshop! How to best […]
Are you ready to have a full house at your next workshop? Discover essential tips for planning and promoting successful yoga workshops. Learn how to schedule effectively and meet your students’ needs. You may have come back from a great conference or retreat, and are now excited to share your knowledge with your students!  Workshops are wonderful ways to grow […]
Last week, we brought up scheduling strategies for a successful Instagram.  Today, we finish off this four part series with analytics for engagement and the best hashtag practices!  Maximizing Instagram Engagement for Yoga Studios with Instagram Analytics Engagement & Hashtags. (P.S. if you missed any of these Instagram toolbox posts, click to check out part 1, part 2, & part […]
Instagram design feed tips are always helpful! Last week, we gave you some initial tips on designing your Instagram feed.  Today, we will delve into a little more detail on scheduling, Instagram stories, and working with videos! Schedule of Postings: Design tips Once you have your themes, consider alternating the content.  Each day, choose a theme and rotate through regularly.  […]
Here is an easy Yoga Studio Instagram Optimization Guide. We started this series with a snippet on how to grow your Instagram audience.  Today, we will expand on designing a cohesive look and feel for you Instagram feed, to maximize the platform’s success. How to Design Your Yoga Studio Feed There are two aspects to consider when planning to develop […]
Instagram… 1 billion users 400 million story views a day 500 million daily users 80% outside of the United States 72% buy because of what they see posted People only see 30% of your feed When diving into Instagram for your small business, think about an Instagram audience growth strategy. You need to think about your approach and why you […]
Discover Studio Event Strategy Ideas for fostering loyalty and community engagement. Elevate your studio experience! We have covered knowing your customers,  creating community, and personalizing the service experience. Now…for the really fun stuff, the extra steps that will help to set your studio apart from others.  We will cover everything from hosting events to creative ways to express gratitude in this […]
How do you create a personalized yoga studio experience? Isn’t that what every customer wants? So, you have some insight now into getting to know your customers, building relationships, and creating community.  What now?  How can you personalize each customer’s experience so that they feel supported and wowed each time they come in to your yoga studio? Enhancing the Personal […]