Instagram… 1 billion users 400 million story views a day 500 million daily users 80% outside of the United States 72% buy because of what they see posted People only see 30% of your feed When diving into Instagram for your small business, think about an Instagram audience growth strategy. You need to think about your approach and why you […]
Discover Studio Event Strategy Ideas for fostering loyalty and community engagement. Elevate your studio experience! We have covered knowing your customers,  creating community, and personalizing the service experience. Now…for the really fun stuff, the extra steps that will help to set your studio apart from others.  We will cover everything from hosting events to creative ways to express gratitude in this […]
How do you create a personalized yoga studio experience? Isn’t that what every customer wants? So, you have some insight now into getting to know your customers, building relationships, and creating community.  What now?  How can you personalize each customer’s experience so that they feel supported and wowed each time they come in to your yoga studio? Enhancing the Personal […]
A few days ago, we introduced you to the beginning of our four part series: 100 Customer Retention Ideas, Pt. 1.  Part 1 offered a lot of insight into analyzing customer retention, building relationships, and creating community.  Today, we dive deeper into getting to know your customers, as well as gaining feedback and loyalty from staff to help cultivate a […]
Have you been struggling with yoga studio customer retention? As business owners, it is so much easier to bring a new customer through the door than to keep a customer once they have made it across the threshold. It is essential to keep the customers we have. Yet, every time a customer arrives, we have to continue to sell them […]
After 26 years of regular yoga practice, I realized I had created imbalances in my body that were causing me increasing and chronic pain. I realized I had to get help and explore functional weight training to heal my body.
After a month in Bali, transitioning back to my life was a challenge. I found it to be a challenge to re-engage my worklife while maintaining the grounding and balance I found in Bali. In the end, it is not expecting to feel less type A all the time but instead to accpet that there are ebbs and flows in worklife. I can work hard for a short period of time and balance it with an easier phase too.
Adventure is about to begin with yet another yoga teacher training. In a few days, I leave for a month Yoga Retreat in Bali, where I will complete my 300 hr yoga teacher training. It has been 6 years since I had an extended trip, which was with my twin brother, to Nepal. I have been teaching for almost 25 […]
Thus, the YPO model was launched for small business Yoga Studio Owners. The goal is to provide Yoga Studio Owners a group that comes together and supports, brainstorms, networks and use the group as a board of advisors. The group dictates the topics. Sometimes we share successes and failures or might have a presentation on Video creation by an expert. 
[et_pb_section bb_built=”1″][et_pb_row][et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text _builder_version=”3.0.105″ background_layout=”light”] Welcome to Yoga Musings. This blog will center around yoga and the business of yoga. I will give you a little journey of how Ashtangasana got to this point. I started out with training teachers. I absolutely love training teachers. I am probably happiest when in the middle of a YTT. Watching trainees take in […]