• 1 billion users

  • 400 million story views a day

  • 500 million daily users

  • 80% outside of the United States

  • 72% buy because of what they see posted

  • People only see 30% of your feed

When diving into Instagram for your small business, you need to think about your approach and why you are using it to expand your audience.  What is your intention?  Is it to build your customer base and to keep engaging with existing customers?  Think about building your community, developing your brand on your feed, and the design of your feed.  As you consider intention, feel, and look, you need to then be able to determine if what you have curated is actually working.  Analytics will be discussed later in this series!

Setting up a business account is the first step to creating a successful Instagram for your small business.  Under your company name, write what you do—a short, easy bio of what your business does.  This will be one of the first things that people see in your profile  This bio has essentially replaced the business card.  Once you have your account and your intentions set, the focus is on growing your audience.

Who is your audience and how do you grow your audience?

You want to create relationships with your followers so that they trust you, and as a result decide they might want to work with or buy from you.  You need to create this relationship so they get to know you, like you, and trust you.  So, provide followers with valuable, interesting, inspiring content and your following will grow organically.

How can you accomplish growing your followers?  Hashtags are important and need to be strategic.  When people search via hashtags, they can find you.  So, understand who your audience is, what they are interested in, what they are looking for, and use the appropriate hashtags.  Hashtags will be discussed later in the series!

To begin engaging potential followers, find someone with similar content to yours.  Click on their followers.  Say hello to their followers, comment on their photos, ask questions they will likely respond to.  You can even introduce yourself to them, which can gain a higher response rate.  As a yoga studio owner, find other studios, juice bars, and gyms that have yoga; go through their follower list and test it out.  Engage those followers!  The intention is to have them be engaged enough with your comment that they view your profile and then follow you.

You can also search for hashtags that connect yoga and your community.  For example, #grandjunctionyoga.  Search your chosen hashtags, and then engage those followers!

What hashtags can you start following today?  Can you engage with followers of that hashtag, so that business comes back to you?


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