Last week, we gave you some initial tips on designing your Instagram feed.  Today, we will delve into a little more detail on scheduling, Instagram stories, and working with videos!

Schedule of Postings

Once you have your themes, consider alternating the content.  Each day, choose a theme and rotate through regularly.  Break down your week.  For example:

  • Sunday: photo of your doing something at the studio
  • Monday: inspirational
  • Tuesday: repost a quote
  • Wednesday: yoga picture of you
  • Thursday: video with a yoga tip
  • Friday: photo of you doing something at the studio
  • Saturday: inspirational

…And keep rotating through.  Think about finding a style or “look” to your thread and keep rotating through your themes.  After a period of time, explore your analytics to see what people respond to the most.  How are your followers engaging?

Instagram Stories

This is a great way for your audience to get a peek into the day-to-day, behind-the-scenes aspects of your business.  The more personal of a relationship you can create, the more they will trust a complete online stranger.  You can gather together and create slideshows and GIFs our of past posts.

Instagram stories are snapshots that expire after 24 hours.  This expiration date encourages people to look at them.  This is where you can your behind-the-scenes peeks, create call-to-action posts, and put up limited time offering, promotions, discounts, and testimonials.

Video and GIF files

On Instagram stories, GIF files and videos get statistically longer views and engagement.  Creating a 1 minute or less video can be a fantastic way to grab peoples’ attention.  Ripl is an easy way to create moving imagery and to capture attention.  You can use a single image with animation added, or use multiple photos to create a GIF or slideshow.

Scheduling your Posts

Throwing posts online each day does not allow for you to curate a visually appealing and strategized approach.  If you have a strategy, it is easiest to work with a scheduling platform that will help you lay out your feed.  You can create posts for the week, month, or longer.  You can also see how the feed will lay out from day to day.   Later and Hootsuite are two social media scheduling platforms.  With Later, you can create timeslots where your audience is most active throughout the week or month.  You then have the ability to click on all of your images for a given time frame, and drag them into a posting box.  All of the images will self populate within those timeslots.  You then need to type in your caption, select your pre-created hashtags, and you are finished!  Hootsuite is similar and can work with other social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, forums, Pinterest, etc.

There are other scheduling softwares to be explored as well.  They are a time saver and useful for creating visuals of how your feed will feel and be conveyed.

Try mapping out a post strategy and schedule for your Instagram account.  What feels valuable to you to post about regularly?  How can you create a style, look, and/or brand this way?



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